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Technology services

Professional services for creating a coherent security architecture

With top experts

At Sectio Aurea, we are dedicated to providing superior services in the field of security systems integration, providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

We transform complexity into simplicity, guaranteeing a unified and efficient solution that meets your strategic objectives.

What we offer you:

  • Custom Analysis and Design: We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and goals, followed by the identification of project-specific challenges and risks. This stage culminates in the design of an integrated architecture and the creation of a detailed plan to ensure seamless integration of all components and subsystems.

  • Efficient Implementation: Once the design is established, we take care of product delivery and installation, followed by configuration, testing and optimization to ensure the integrated system operates at full capacity. We also provide comprehensive training for system administrators, ensuring your team is ready to manage the new solution effectively.

  • Support and Maintenance: After implementation, we are here to provide you with technical support and maintenance services, ensuring the optimal and continuous operation of the system, so that your business can focus on what it does best.

By choosing Sectio Aurea as a partner for the integration of cyber security systems, you benefit from:

  • Consolidated expertise: Taking advantage of years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the production operation of the implemented systems, we guarantee you the highest quality solutions, adapted to your needs.

  • Minimized risk: Through our detailed approach, we eliminate uncertainties and risks, ensuring a smooth project.

  • Customized solutions: Every business is unique, which is why we offer solutions that perfectly suit the specific requirements of your company.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Our systems are designed to grow with your business, providing the flexibility to adapt to future changes.

  • Ongoing support: Our dedication to your success doesn't stop at implementation. We provide post-implementation support to ensure continued performance and satisfaction.

At Sectio Aurea, excellence in security systems integration is at the heart of what we do. Each service offered is designed to bring added value and increased security to your organization.

Here's an overview of how we can assist you:

How do we actually help?

We are dynamically increasing cybersecurity capabilities in the following areas:

Advanced Design

Our design process is meticulous and comprehensive, starting with gathering and analyzing requirements, to developing and testing optimized solutions. We adopt the "security by design" principle, integrating security at every stage of the IT systems development life cycle. This proactive approach ensures that your systems are not only efficient, but also resilient in the face of security threats.

Effective Implementation

Our specialized implementation team ensures that IT security solutions are installed and configured correctly in your infrastructure. We take care of all the necessary steps, from planning to system testing and validation, ensuring a smooth transition to new solutions and minimizing operational disruptions.

Project management

We apply best practices and project management methodologies to ensure on-time, on-budget and quality delivery of IT projects. Our planning, execution and monitoring skills ensure that our clients' business objectives are met effectively.

Technical Assistance and Service

We offer comprehensive technical support, covering preventive maintenance, software updates and support for system administrators. Partnering with Sectio Aurea means you can count on reliable and secure IT systems ready to support your critical business operations.

Specialized Training

We provide training programs to ensure that your team is well prepared to use and manage the new security solutions. These training sessions are tailored to cover essentials from installation and configuration to monitoring, management and best practices.

Optimization Consulting

Our consulting services are designed to improve the efficiency, performance and reliability of implemented solutions. We work closely with you to identify and implement optimizations that lead to better productivity, improved security and reduced costs.

Uniqueness. Why work with us?

The fundamental method

We have a very high standard of service quality.

We have mature people in the team, who have implemented solutions in the most complex enterprise environments.

Innovative technologies

We provide value-added services for technologies with a high degree of innovation, with modern consumption methods (SAAS).

We do not deal with areas for which there are local authorities and you have multiple options.

The service model

We bring top expertise to your fingertips through an innovative business model – that of microservices.

Microservices means that our team will assist you "on demand", integrated into Sectio Aurea, only for "high finesse" aspects. We will guide your team with advice tailored to your needs. Instead of burdening your budgets with expensive employees, we offer you flexible and integrated access to otherwise unaffordable elite specialists at a fraction of the cost.

The delivery method is a successful one, and we have many references from customers in Romania and abroad.

We Do

Portfolio: Cyber security solutions

We provide services for a selection of technological cybersecurity capabilities.

In this service, we cover only the most innovative areas of each family of security solutions, for which advanced consulting is needed.

Security Information and Event Management

Network Detection and Response

External Attack Surface Management

Email security

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

Identity Governance and Administration

Risk Management

Extended Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud Workload Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Privileged Access Management

Asset Management


Discover the key to success in cyber security with an exclusive one-to-one session with Mădălin Bratu, the innovative mind behind Sectio Aurea.

With a remarkable experience of 20 years in IT and an impressive professional career, Mădălin is the elite consultant that any leader in the field wants by his side.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and secure your business in a personalized and efficient way.

Plan your meeting with Mădălin Bratu now and unlock access to cyber security solutions at the highest level as well as a team of top tier cyber security experts

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