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The voice of the customer

Instead of talking about our merits, we chose to give our customers the opportunity to share their experiences.

Discover their stories and find out how working with us turned their desire for safety into reality.

We see the collaboration with our clients as a genuine partnership, which develops and strengthens with the passing of the years.

What is the foundation of this sustainable partnership?

Exceptional services

Continuous innovation

Experienced people

Special attention given to the needs of each client.

Sectio Aurea has clients from the financial-banking, energy, oil and gas, utilities, industrial production, technology, public sector, consulting fields.

cosmin macaneata.jpg

Cosmin Macaneata


Omega Trust

omega trust.jpeg

"As General Director of Omega Trust, a company specialized in IT audit and consulting services, I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Madalin Bratu and his team, auditors within Sectio Aurea, in carrying out a complex audit project for a leading financial banking institution in Southeast Europe.

For the NIS audit, Sectio Aurea was responsible for the following areas: Organizational security audit, Architecture audit, Configuration audit.

For the EBA Guidelines audit, Sectio Aurea participated with the audit team of Omega trust in the compliance audit.

Madalin Bratu, General Director of Sectio Aurea and DNSC certified auditor demonstrated a remarkable capacity for organization and coordination, effectively managing relations with clients and the project team.
His coordinating qualities were evident throughout the collaboration, facilitating clear and effective communication between all parties involved.
In addition, his ability to deal with challenges and difficult situations, which are often encountered in such projects, was second to none.
Through his professionalism he was able to guide the team through the most complex aspects of the audit, ensuring that high standards were always met.

Both Eduard Madalin Bratu and his team showed a special aptitude for detailing and analyzing complexly organized information. Their professionalism, combined with an attention to detail, was essential in identifying and addressing critical aspects of the audits. Their systematic work in evaluating the security of configurations, architecture, and various policies and procedures was up to expectations."

Cosmin Macaneata, Omega Trust
Virgil Pascu, RAJA
virgil pascu.jpg

Virgil Pascu

IT Manager



"We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional service provided by Madalin Bratu, our consultant. With her expertise and guidance, our organization was able to achieve compliance with the European NIS regulation.
Madalin's knowledge and understanding of NIS regulation was truly exceptional.

Demonstrated professionalism and outstanding ability to navigate complex regulatory requirements, ensuring every aspect of our organization's operations was in compliance.

Madalin's dedication and commitment were evident throughout our collaboration with him.

He went further to thoroughly analyze our existing systems and processes, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

His keen attention to detail and methodical approach helped us to address any compliance gaps efficiently and effectively.

What really sets Madalin apart is its proactive and collaborative approach.

He has consistently exceeded our expectations by providing clear and concise recommendations tailored specifically to the needs of our organization. His ability to communicate technical concepts in a way that was easy for our team to understand was invaluable.

Throughout the process, Madalin displayed professionalism, integrity and reliability.

He was always available to address our concerns, answer our questions and provide guidance whenever needed. His expertise and support has been instrumental in ensuring our organization's full compliance with the European NIS regulation.

We confidently recommend Madalin Bratu as a consultant to organizations seeking compliance assistance related to the NIS Directive.

His knowledge, dedication and quality of service make him a valuable partner in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.

We are truly grateful for his contributions and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.
Thank you, Madalin, for your outstanding support and expertise."

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Madalin Bratu over the past year and have been continually impressed by her commitment, expertise and professionalism in providing consulting services to our organization as we work together to implement our security strategy.

Madalin Bratu has consistently demonstrated problem-solving skills, flexibility and communication skills that have significantly contributed to the success of our initiatives.

He demonstrated a deep understanding of cyber security and provided insights and strategic advice that proved critical to achieving our project goals.
He has strong planning and organizational skills, as well as the ability to quickly identify and analyze issues, which are critical requirements for our company's implementation of the NIS Directive.

One of Madalin Bratu's outstanding qualities is his attention to detail, which sets him apart.

His ability to create detailed process documentation and ensure that each step is accurately described and easy to follow has been a significant contributor to the success of our joint program.

In addition, Madalin Bratu has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity. Is reliable, deadline oriented and able to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely.

Our team benefited enormously from his collaborative approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our projects.
In addition to his technical expertise, it was a pleasure to work with Madalin Bratu.

His positive attitude, strong ethics and ability to adapt to the organizational culture made him an invaluable member of our project team.
He brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication and a results-oriented approach to every project. Madalin Bratu would undoubtedly be an asset to any organization looking for top consulting services."

catalina mate.jpg

Catalina-Magnolia Mate,
Information Security Manager,

Catalina-Magnolia Mate, RAJA
Mihai Truță,
Director of the Data Protection/Cyber Security/Compliance Department,
E.ON Energie Romania SA
Delgaz Grid SA
The audit team of SC SECTIO AUREA SRL proved very good skills in the field of security audits and penetration tests, fulfilled all project objectives in the contracted time and we are very satisfied with our professional collaboration.
Mihai Truță, e-on Energie Romania
Alin Paunescu, CISO, Patria Bank
Alin Moscalu, Head of IT Department, Apa Vital
Vital water.jpeg
"In the last four years, our collaboration with Sectio Aurea, led by Mr. Mădălin Bratu, has been extremely valuable.
We express our sincere gratitude for your excellent advisory services, consistently demonstrating professionalism, competence and a personalized approach tailored to the specific needs of our company. The Sectio Aurea team was remarkably open and responsive to our requests, providing constant guidance with clear answers and effective solutions.

We recognize the significant contribution of Sectio Aurea services in improving our security measures and strengthening business and data protection. The evident expertise and experience in the field of cyber security has produced tangible results.

Our appreciation extends to Mr. Mădălin Bratu and the entire team for their efforts in ensuring compliance with the NIS Directive.
We are pleased to recommend the services of Sectio Aurea to companies looking for reliable security advice.
We confidently endorse Dansului's services for those looking for a reliable security partner."
Alin Moscalu, Apa Vital
Alin Paunescu, CISO, Patria Bank
"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mădălin Bratu, CISA, CISM, General Director of Sectio Aurea, who served as a consultant for Patria Bank from mid-March 2023 until the end of the year.
Within this engagement, Mădălin Bratu demonstrated exceptional professionalism, expertise and dedication in aligning our banking information security management system to the requirements of the NIS Directive and optimizing the management of our security program to the applicable regulations that the bank had to comply with.
Mădălin Bratu's contributions were instrumental in our successful interactions with auditors and in reaching a higher level of maturity in several critical audit assignments, including: ADR Audit (ex MCSI), Audit for EBA Guide 4/2019, Infrastructure audit for the NBR ReGIS & SaFIR and Transfond SENT systems, Swift Audit - compliance with the Swift CSP 2023 program, Consultancy regarding compliance with the National Bank Regulations.
During these missions, Mădălin Bratu provided invaluable advisory support, which ensured our bank passed all audit missions flawlessly. His attention to detail, quality of advice and deep understanding of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) principles have contributed significantly to our success. It also helped us better align for IT security governance.
Madalin Bratu's ability to navigate complex regulatory requirements and specific complex banking business environment and provide high quality consulting services makes him an outstanding GRC professional for mature organizations. His commitment to excellence and proactive approach were evident in every aspect of his work with us.
I highly recommend Mr. Mădălin Bratu for any position or project that requires an experienced GRC expert or CISO as a Service".
Elena Lăcătușu Head of Information Security, RNIS, Apa Vital
Vital water.jpeg
"We had the opportunity to collaborate with Sectio Aurea, through Mr. Mădălin Bratu, in the last 4 years and we want to express our sincere thanks for the excellent advisory services they offered us. At every stage, every time, the collaboration with the Sectio Aurea team was outstanding, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and competence, an understanding and personalized approach to the specific needs of our company, as well as a great openness and responsiveness to our requests.

We especially appreciate the constant willingness to help and guide us throughout the collaboration, providing clear answers and effective solutions. The contribution of Sectio Aurea services has helped us increase our security level and improve the way we protect our business and data. The expertise and vast experience provided to us in the field of cyber security is evident in the results we have achieved.

Our thanks go to Mr. Mădălin Bratu and his entire team for their efforts in ensuring compliance with the NIS Regulation and we are pleased to recommend the services of Sectio Aurea to all companies looking for reliable security advice.

We confidently recommend your services to anyone looking for a reliable security partner, and we are confident that working with you will help us have a more secure business environment and further protect against cyber threats."

Elena Lăcătușu,Apa Vital
Alin Busuioc, Head of Technical Service, Bacau Regional Water Company
"I am deeply grateful for Madalin Bratu's outstanding contribution to the implementation of the NIS legislation within our firm.
With his experience and deep understanding of legislative requirements, Madalin coordinated the compliance process in an efficient and smooth manner.
His expertise in IT security and ability to successfully navigate the complexities of regulation have been invaluable.

I confidently recommend the services of Madalin Bratu to all those who are looking for a reliable partner in the implementation and compliance of the NIS legislation".
george robev.jpg

George Robev
Global Head of Partner Management
Software Group

software group.jpg

"Mădălin's deep understanding of the regulatory framework and applied knowledge in positioning, integrating and proposing outsourced GRC managed services within a broader managed services agreement for digital banking was exemplary.

His demonstrated experience spans cyber security sales, global portfolio management, consulting, audit, integration, outsourcing projects and digitization engagements in the banking sector.

His applied experience in Information Security Management practice, along with in-depth working knowledge of leading cybersecurity, security management and privacy technologies, aligns perfectly with the needs of organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape.

Mădălin's ability to articulate value, create security program management strategies and build relationships with executive decision makers is unparalleled.

Furthermore, Mădălin's open and direct approach to solving complexities, ability to innovate and challenge both client and supplier visions of digitizing their business were crucial in developing new business lines and demonstrating sales leadership for local business development.

His skills, experience and personal qualities make Mădălin a valuable resource for any organization lucky to have him."

George Robev, Software Group
Carmen Borcea, General Manager, Happy Credit IFN
app credit.png
"Madalin Bratu demonstrated a rare and commendable level of expertise and dedication. His understanding and application of data protection and cyber security regulations was truly exceptional.
Madalin's professionalism and ability to simplify complex regulatory requirements ensured that our operations were fully compliant, which is a significant achievement for our organization.
His methodical approach to analyzing our systems and processes was thorough and insightful. Madalin identified potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement with great attention to detail. His proactive stance in providing clear, concise and personalized recommendations has greatly facilitated the improvement of our security and compliance posture.
What sets Madalin apart is his ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an accessible way, making the audit process collaborative and educational for our team. His commitment to professionalism, integrity and reliability was evident throughout our entire partnership. Madalin was always available to answer our questions, providing timely and efficient guidance.
The expertise and support provided by Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL were instrumental in ensuring our full compliance with the law. Their services have not only met, but exceeded our expectations, making them a valuable partner in our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.
I strongly recommend Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL to any organization looking for expert guidance in cyber security and compliance. His knowledge, dedication and exceptional service standards make him an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance."
Carmen Borcea, Happy Credit IFN
Lavinia Ungureanu, Director General, Best Credit IFN
Best credit IFN.png
"Mr. Madalin's professionalism and ability to simplify complex regulatory requirements ensured our full compliance, marking a significant moment for our organization. His systematic and thorough review of our systems and processes highlighted potential risks and areas for improvement, demonstrating his meticulous attention His proactive approach in providing clear and personalized advice has significantly strengthened our security and compliance measures.
Mr. Madalin's unique ability to articulate complex technical issues in a simple way made the audit a cooperative and educational experience for our team. His unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity and reliability was evident throughout our partnership. Mr. Madalin's willingness to address our concerns and provide timely and efficient solutions further differentiated his service.
The expertise and assistance provided by Mr. Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL were crucial in achieving and maintaining legal compliance. Their services have exceeded our expectations, proving to be a trusted partner in maintaining the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.
I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL to any entity that needs expert guidance in cyber security and compliance. Their knowledge, commitment and superior service quality make them an essential resource in managing the complexities of regulatory compliance."
Lavinia Ungureanu, Best Credit IFN
Lucian Pruna.jpg

Lucian Plum

Avinto Finance IFN SA


avinto blue-vector 1.png

"With great confidence I express my support for Mr. Madalin Bratu and for Sectio Aurea SRL for their audit services in the field of cyber security.
The collaboration with Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea was extremely advantageous, especially regarding compliance with the provisions of ANAF Order No. 146/2022.
In his role as lead auditor, Mr. Madalin Bratu demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge and commitment. His competence in the interpretation and application of regulations was outstanding.
Madalin's professional demeanor and ability to simplify complex aspects of these regulations ensured that our operations remained in full compliance, a notable fact for our company. Madalin's meticulous review of our operational systems and procedures was comprehensive. He identified areas vulnerable to risk and requiring improvement, demonstrating keen attention to detail. His proactive approach in providing accurate, concise and personalized advice has contributed substantially to strengthening our security and compliance framework.
Madalin's distinctive ability to express sophisticated technical concepts in a way that our team can easily understand made the audit a collaborative and educational experience. Throughout our collaboration, his unwavering dedication to professionalism, ethical standards and reliability was constantly evident. Madalin was always available to answer our questions and provide efficient and timely advice.
The expertise and assistance provided by Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL were crucial in ensuring total compliance of our organization with ANAF regulations.
Their contributions have exceeded our expectations, confirming their status as a vital partner in our ongoing commitment to achieving the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance.
I wholeheartedly recommend Madalin Bratu and Sectio Aurea SRL to organizations that need expert advice in the field of cyber security and regulatory compliance.
His deep expertise, dedication and superior service quality make him an indispensable resource in managing the complexities of regulatory compliance."

Lucian Pruna,Avinto Finance IFN
Dragoș Săvulescu, Administrator, SSG Group of Companies
Our company, by its specifics, carries out many activities that involve the processing of personal data, both of its own employees. Thus, in 2019, following a selection of offers, I chose the company represented by Mr. Bratu as a consulting provider in the field for all SSG group companies.
Both the superior quality of the teaching material provided and the promptness of its delivery, the seriousness of the collaborators he chose for implementation, recommend Mr. Bratu as a reliable partner with consummate professionalism and whose deliverables meet high quality standards.
I particularly point out the recommendations and solutions presented for the aspects of IT infrastructure, website and information technology that were corroborated with the expansion of our headquarters and implicitly the related infrastructure. Another aspect worth noting is the ease of identifying the GDPR issue with the specifics of our activity.
Considering the knowledge he has, the management and experience necessary to carry out the activity in this field, I recommend Mr. Mădălin Bratu in view of future collaborations.
Dragoș Săvulescu, SSG Group

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