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Grow the business naturally

Excellence in Cyber Security

A well-welded and integrated team around a senior in IT and Cybersecurity.

Sectio Aurea offers advanced services in the field of cybersecurity. Audit, consultancy and technological services since 2018.

We democratize access to Cybersecurity talent in a flexible and competitive way.

Quality before everything.

We rely on the deep experience of our team, and we only have professionals who have been successful in complex and mature organizational environments.

We have an innovative business model, that of microservices, validated by satisfied customers.

Integrity, consistency and relevance are our key values.

Excellence in Cyber Security

Advanced services

Our services are a blend of precision, beauty and efficiency, reflecting the perfect balance and natural harmony of the φ number.

With us, you transform and secure your business with a touch of divine harmony.

Seniors in cybersecurity

We integrate flexible access to top experts (CIOs, CISOs, DPOs, solution architects).
Minimum 10 years of experience in complex organizational environments.

Innovative model

Through microservices, we ensure maximum added value at a fraction of the time and cost of employment.

You work with very experienced people, transform and secure your business. Harmonious


Phi (or φ from the ancient Greek alphabet), the Fibonacci number, the golden number, the divine proportion, the golden section (sectio aurea in Latin) is an essential number present in almost all fields of activity (mathematics, biology, design, architecture, biology etc.). Phi is the basis of everything natural, beautiful, well-proportioned.

Sectio Aurea (Latin for Golden Section), inspired by φ (Phi), translates the φ principle into Cybersecurity.

Here, technology meets art, efficiency meets beauty, and security meets innovation.

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Our offer

The People

We have a vetted team of professionals with extensive experience in complex business environments, direct access to the latest trends in security governance and cyber security. These professionals, with an average of over 10 years of experience, operate in complex and mature organizational environments and include opinion leaders, IT managers, security managers, CISOs, DPOs and architects, each with a strong track record of projects and clear terms and collaboration transparencies.

The execution method

We bring top expertise to your fingertips through an innovative business model – that of microservices.

Microservices means that our team will assist you "on demand", integrated into Sectio Aurea, only for "high finesse" aspects. We will guide your team with advice tailored to your needs. Instead of burdening your budgets with expensive employees, we offer you flexible and integrated access to otherwise unaffordable elite specialists at a fraction of the cost.

The delivery method is a successful one, and we have many references from customers in Romania and abroad.


We Do

Portfolio: Cyber security solutions

Security Information and Event Management

Network Detection and Response

External Attack Surface Management

Email security

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

Identity Governance and Administration

Risk Management

Extended Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud Workload Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Privileged Access Management

Asset Management

We provide advanced consulting services, for the latest cyber security directions, only for a qualified selection of vendors from each field below.


Technology partners

We provide advanced consulting services for a selection of cybersecurity technological capabilities.

We expand our partnerships in a controlled manner depending on the technological evolution of the market, but also the demands of clients for advanced consulting.


Our Team - Your Cybersecurity Experts

The team consists exclusively of professionals with an average of over 10 years of experience, coming from complex and mature organizational environments.

With Sectio Aurea, you gain not only services, but trusted partners in cyber security.

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Auditor General Directiva NIS
seria CLE nr. 8020 din 23.03.2022

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Glorifi is a US fintech that applied an innovative business model, namely financial services brokerage.

The tested system was one of very high complexity.
Sectio Aurea was selected due to the team's experience and the possibility to scale dynamically in emerging fields: Cloud & API Security. 
The project required the involvement of 5 dedicated pentesters, who worked full-time for 4 months.   

software group

Software Group is a conglomerate of companies that provide worldwide digitization solutions, core banking and core insurance implementations. 

Sectio Aurea provided specialized consulting services in aligning the proposed solutions with the security requirements of their clients.  

NIS Directive Audit, EBA Guidelines, BNR Audit (REGIS, SAFIR), Transfond (SEND)
CISO as a Service - NIS Management Consulting