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Are you open minded?

Are you good at what you do?

Do you want diversity in your professional life? 

Join us

Why come with us?

Use your skills and experience to solve the challenges of Phi, to earn money, experience or recognition. Anyone can try to join the network of diverse and creative minds, provided they are an ace in the field and have the right motivations.  

We understand that you are almost unreachable and there are few who can afford to have you as an employee.

Rest assured.

We don't care if we hire you.

But we want to use your experience and intelligence in a dynamic way.

The fact that you want to sacrifice your free time requires a solid motivation.  

Below are some of the reasons why others, apart from money.

Various cases
Better "Pitcher"

By solving a challenge, you have additional visibility in the market and among the professionals among whom you consider yourself a leader.
Phi will facilitate the support of customer recommendations.


Challenges are real problems in a client's environment, they require sustained concentration, critical thinking, research, creativity. Getting out of your comfort zone ensures you better adaptability, persuasiveness and new experiences.

The experience

Nothing is more relevant than the informed opinion of a professional colleague with experience at least like yours, but with a different point of view.
Through us you can exchange opinions with people like you, you can consult, you can validate, you can find better solutions.


​The most powerful and relevant weapon of a professional is the network of knowledge.
With us, you can contribute with yours, but it comes back tenfold.
You can be a supplier, customer or intelligence intermediary.

Why comes next?

Submit your application, along with signing a confidentiality agreement
We validate in detail the options of collaboration, communication, contracting
We introduce you to the members of the virtual team, you attend meetings, you meet new people

What happens next?

A customer exposes his problem, Signs a Privacy Agreement
The problem is structured in "challenge", time, purpose, price, way of engagement
The "Challenge" is published online
You publish your initial interest
Your participation is validated (not from the same industry, other limitations)
Participate in the internal QA session, join a small working group, publish your offer
Your offer is integrated, your profile  anonymized is mentioned to the end customer
The offer is presented to the client
The customer selects the Offer or negotiates it
Participate in discussions with the client, if necessary
You sign a sub-contract or limited-term employment agreement
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