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Behind an idea is a mind.

Above a team is a vision.

In front of you is a man. To know each other.


About me -  Madalin Bratu

Welcome! I am Madalin Bratu, the founder of Sectio Aurea, with 20 years of professional experience in the IT field.

My experience covers a wide range of areas, from cyber security and IT service management to process management, hardware and software maintenance, and advanced information security governance consulting.

I spent a decade working at IBM where I contributed to some of the most sophisticated service projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

I had a key role as Global Portfolio Manager for Cyber Security Services at Atos - Eviden, one of the leading multinationals in the field of cyber security, managing global cyber security projects in areas such as identity management and cloud security.

My experience also includes valuable contributions to local companies such as Safetech Innovations, one of the most dynamic Romanian cyber security firms.

In 2024 I decided to recognize my audit and advisory skills, so here it goes:

CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor, ISACA
CISM - Certified Information Security Manager, ISACA
CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, ISACA
Cyber Security Auditor, IDASC QC-10AF27, DNSC

And I continue.

Through Sectio Aurea, I offer unique, flexible and relevant services. Our business model, refined for almost 5 years, is based on an innovative concept - that of microservices.

I am accompanied by a carefully selected team of experts and authoritative voices in the field of cyber security (CISOs, DPOs, CIOs, architects), with whom I have built a healthy professional relationship during successful projects.

This relationship led to the optimization of an innovative delivery method (microservices in audit and consulting).

These experts are dynamically involved in solving the challenges you face, ensuring customized and high-quality solutions.

Values and "Treats"


I don't lie to the people I interact with. Period.
Any sentence, idea, concept defines me, I believe in them.

It is a principle of life from which I cannot deviate. I have a direct style of communication, and frankness has hurt me in the short term, especially in very political circles.
But in the long run I had to gain real friends and business partners and clients, who appreciate me no matter where I end up.


I'm the type who keeps his word, if he gives it.

Also, I treat each job as a new mission that I succeed or not ;-)


I'm a very stubborn guy. I rarely get beaten.

If it doesn't come out, I pivot.

And, even if I know that an idea doesn't have the right timing or the right environment, I park it and wait for the right moment. But until then, I chisel it, I adapt it. I have at least 10 ideas in parallel in various stages of maturity. And I find it hard not to get more.

Imagination & creativity.

I get a lot of ideas when I encounter business or personal problems and, therefore, I think I liked the sales job (which I had until now). I try to understand as much as possible about a person's situation and I try as much as possible to put myself in their place. And then I come up with ideas. Most ideas are common sense, but if problems are difficult, they brainstorm.

In fact, one of the basic concepts from which the idea called InnoNexus (Innovation Nexus) started was the possibility to expose your difficult problems with your counterparts, and to try to gather new views to solve them, in a framework similar to that used by European innovation brokers.
Beautiful idea in a wrong setup and environment, from which I pivoted.

I could say that my imagination and creativity are somewhat of a great enemy to me, because I tend to start with too many things in parallel and I can't finish them all.
And I prioritize my portfolio of ideas with great difficulty and I hardly park an idea and if I do, it obsesses me to take it.

Joviality and communication.

Paradoxically, I'm a sociable Pisces. I am a team man and not often important career decisions were made after the opportunity to make a team and feel good in it.


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