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Develop the business in a balanced way

implements a continuous way ofprotection.

With top experts

A successful organization aligns all its components to achieve business objectives.

Work with us in an integrated and continuous manner, so we can coordinate all your resources towards achieving these objectives with a planned approach to uncertainty management.

Implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures that will reduce risks to acceptable levels.

Outsourcing or augmenting a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) helps your organization benefit from access to a virtual pool of highly qualified experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated individual, or with much stronger capabilities.

A team of consultants can assist you with more advanced elements, such as better organizing your Security Operations Center (SOC). They will leverage their experience, skills, and leadership knowledge to plan and execute a security strategy for your company.

We help you manage security programs more effectively.

Our offer

The audit services offered by Sectio Aurea bring multiple benefits to your organization, including:

Our offer


Discover the key to success in cybersecurity with an exclusive one-to-one session alongside Mădălin Bratu, the innovative mind behind Sectio Aurea. With an impressive 20-year experience in IT and an outstanding professional journey, Mădălin is the elite consultant that any industry leader would want by their side.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and secure your business in a personalized and efficient manner. Schedule your meeting with Mădălin Bratu now and unlock access to top-tier cybersecurity solutions and a team of experts

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