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CISO & SecOps augmentation

Hyper-advanced consulting.

So that you can make quick and informed decisions.

The cyber security space has become a complicated world.

Many technological options. Various strategic decisions.

For approved strategic decisions, time is needed, direct access to analysts, exchange of opinions of some users who already use some technologies.

But Cybersecurity teams have less and less time.

Our solution.

An interconnected virtual team of thought leaders in cybersecurity comes to the rescue as a trusted advisor.

Cybersecurity Portfolio Managers and Cybersecurity Architects, with global experience applied among leading cybersecurity vendors, "battle-tested," global professionals who have built advanced services for the largest managed service providers and global customers, you will guide into the uncharted waters of emerging cybersecurity technologies.

We help you select the best security technologies from the many options available.

We perform feasibility studies for specific security controls, help you validate technical specifications, and conduct in-depth competitive market analysis.

We are educated, well connected to the latest technological developments.

We cover the most innovative directions in cyber security.

How do we actually help?

We dynamically increase cybersecurity capabilities in the following areas:

Do you already know what general technical controls must be implemented?

But is it difficult for you to get buy-in?

Our team evaluates technological options, implementation strategies (niche solutions - best of breed or security platforms), cost and benefit modeling and support for technological and business substantiation and writing the business case to management.

Madalin Bratu has applied experience in substantiating various IT and Cybersecurity acquisitions for many clients.

Deliverables include detailed feasibility reports, implementation plans and customized recommendations.

We ensure your organization adopts the most efficient and secure cyber technologies.

Definition of specifications

Do you already know what general technical controls must be implemented?

But you don't know clearly what the technology should do?

We provide you with the decision-making foundation for robust and efficient solutions.

We analyze the desired results of the security control, analyze the requirements of stakeholders as well as of the technical team and elaborate the detailed specifications of the desired solution.

Deliverables include functional and technical specification documentation, basic architectural diagrams.

We help you develop cybersecurity solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Purchase consultancy

Do you already know what type of technology needs to be implemented?

Do you know what functional specifications the solution must have?

Do you know what your short list is?

Is it clear to you what you want and want to purchase?

But you are not sure how to build the project and start it?

We will continue to stay close to you in the process of selecting commercial options as well as purchasing.

The founder of Sectio Aurea, Madalin Bratu CISA CISM, CRISC has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial area, and has applied expertise in finalizing very complex regional contracts (10 years of applied experience at IBM).

We provide consulting and approved advice in relation to contractual terms and conditions, SLAs, project planning, Quality assurance and project risk management, the content of implementation services, support and managed services.


The service brings multiple benefits to your organization, including:


We are not influenced by the internal politics of the client's organization, as well as by the interests of a technology implementer or producer.

Access to innovation

Our people are connected to the latest technological developments in cybersecurity, they are directly connected to global vendors and market analysts (Gartner, Forrester, Gigaom, Kuppinger Kole, IDC).

Knowledge transfer

Our specialists share their knowledge and experience, ensuring your employees' increased awareness of security best practices at no additional training cost.


Madalin Bratu, CISA, CISM, CRISC has applied experience in coordinating very complex programs of outsourced services at various companies of various sizes: from 10 years of experience at IBM Global Technology Services and the provision of integrated IT outsourcing and support services, up to Atos / Eviden, the global leader in cyber security services.

The service model

We bring top expertise to your fingertips through an innovative business model – that of microservices.

Microservices means that our team will assist you "on demand", integrated into Sectio Aurea, only for "high finesse" aspects. We will guide your team with advice tailored to your needs. Instead of burdening your budgets with expensive employees, we offer you flexible and integrated access to otherwise unaffordable elite specialists at a fraction of the cost.

The delivery method is a successful one, and we have many references from customers in Romania and abroad.

We Do

What technologies do we cover?

We provide advanced consulting services for a selection of cybersecurity technological capabilities.

In this service, we cover only the most innovative areas of each family of security solutions, for which advanced consulting is needed.

Security Information and Event Management

Network Detection and Response

External Attack Surface Management

Email security

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

Identity Governance and Administration

Extended Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud Workload Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Privileged Access Management


Discover the key to success in cyber security with an exclusive one-to-one session with Mădălin Bratu, the innovative mind behind Sectio Aurea.

With a remarkable experience of 20 years in IT and an impressive professional career, Mădălin is the elite consultant that any leader in the field wants by his side.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and secure your business in a personalized and efficient way.

Plan your meeting with Mădălin Bratu now and unlock access to cyber security solutions at the highest level as well as a team of top tier cyber security experts

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