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Security audit

Detects non-compliance with the law and eliminates the risk of fines and security breaches.

Unauthorized access to company resources is a serious and growing concern as attack surfaces grow.

As real-world adversaries evolve every day to exploit vulnerabilities, organizations must adapt testing approaches to understand how their networks would perform against skilled adversaries.

A penetration test identifies and demonstrates vulnerabilities.

It gives you new understanding and strategies for strengthening your security posture against cyber threats.

Penetration testing helps identify security gaps.

Answer important questions. Could an attacker break into my network? Where? ​How far could it go?

The cyber security testing services provided by Sectio Aurea assess the effectiveness of the organization's security measures and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Testing is also essential for compliance with regulatory requirements and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002, NIS, and BNR and ASF regulations.

By demonstrating that they have taken steps to secure their systems and data, organizations can strengthen relationships of trust with customers, partners and other stakeholders.

By choosing Sectio Aurea, your organization benefits from a comprehensive assessment and customized solutions to ensure cyber security.

Our offer

The audit services offered by Sectio Aurea bring multiple benefits to your organization, including:

Get validation of your security efforts

Test internal and external security controls, including protections around high-value systems

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and compromise vectors

A properly performed penetration test prioritizes security efforts around areas of high vulnerability.

Our offer

The audit services offered by Sectio Aurea are focused in the following directions:

Our vulnerability scanning service provides up-to-date information using internal and external scanners, accurately detecting vulnerabilities in your network and supported cloud environments. We perform accurate scans of network devices, servers, web applications, databases and other assets, both on-premises and in cloud environments.

Our service provides you with vulnerability management without burdening you with hardware, software and maintenance of scanning products. Our dedicated team fully manages the service, removing administration and maintenance responsibilities from you.

By using our service, you will be able to:

  • Identify real and exploitable vulnerabilities

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements

  • Round out the team with dedicated vulnerability management experts throughout our services

  • Simplify the remediation process by applying the recommendations contained in the report we deliver

Thus, you will benefit from an effective and comprehensive solution for managing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Penetration tests

Penetration tests are a method of evaluating the security of an IT system by simulating attacks. These tests exploit existing and known vulnerabilities in a manner similar to an attacker's attempts, but ethically and with the permission of the beneficiary.

Penetration test steps:

  1. Automated and Manual Testing: A complete penetration test comprises both automated and manual testing. Manual tests identify programming errors and analyze, confirm or refute automated test results.

  2. Main testing approaches:

    • Black box: The test team does not know any information about the systems under test, except the application access information (web pages, IP addresses). This method is used for external testing of the beneficiary.

    • Gray box: The test team does not have detailed information about the systems under test, but has a user account on a workstation with certain roles. This hybrid approach is the most common because the tester can simulate a methodical attack without knowing every detail of the target systems.

    • White box: The test team has access to all information about the systems, including source code and administrative privileges. This method allows for thorough testing, quickly and efficiently identifying security issues.

Software code verification

Sectio Aurea uses a four-step approach to perform code checks:

  1. Identifying Code Verification Objectives In this step, we investigate the application's architecture and the technology used to identify key security specifications and potential threats. Based on this information, we develop a document that describes the objectives of the code review, including the set of technologies and specific vulnerabilities to be reviewed by our experts.

  2. Performing a preliminary scan In the second step, we use, if possible, a static analysis scanner to uncover an initial set of code-level issues that might require a detailed manual check. Scanning involves a combination of static analysis and manual verification methods to identify vulnerabilities within the code, focusing on areas with a high probability of security breaches.

  3. Performing a detailed inspection Next, we move on to manually checking the code to identify defects that are difficult to discover using only static analysis tools. This step is critical for uncovering complex security issues.

  4. Reporting the results The final step involves analyzing the problems caused by the application architecture. We document all identified issues and provide recommendations to fix them. The final report contains a detailed analysis and practical solutions for improving code security.

Through this structured approach, we ensure comprehensive verification of software code, identifying and fixing critical vulnerabilities.

Social engineering services

Social engineering addresses the human element of security, whereby assessors attempt to access sensitive information by manipulating human psychology. The Safetech Innovations team will assess how vulnerable the Recipient's employees are to a potential social engineering attack and the likelihood that they will violate company rules and/or procedures.

Our phishing social engineering services are designed to mimic attacks that malicious individuals might perform to obtain confidential information from your organization. Phishing involves sending communications, most commonly via e-mail, from an apparently legitimate source - for example, impersonating an executive, colleague or service provider.

Stages of social engineering services:

  1. Simulating phishing attacks: Sending phishing messages that appear to come from trusted sources to gauge employee reactions.

  2. Assessing responses: Analyzing how employees react to simulated attacks, identifying vulnerabilities and security awareness.

Reporting results:

The proposed services conclude with the delivery of a full report of the findings and recommendations to mitigate the identified risks. The report includes:

  • Number of messages sent

  • Recipients of messages

  • Number of open messages

  • Number of completed forms

The report includes comparative statistics of the results achieved against other campaigns run by Safetech Innovations, providing a real reference from the market.

By using these services, your organization can improve security awareness among employees and implement effective measures to reduce the risks associated with social engineering attacks.

Our offer

The cyber security testing services delivered by Sectio Aurea include the following steps:

Defining the purpose of the services and developing the action plan

At this stage, we will agree on a confidentiality agreement and establish the scope and scope of the work, including test types and attack scenarios. We centralize requirements, set goals and agree on forms, terms, preconditions, limitations and exclusions.

Execution of the action plan

This phase aims to discover defects in networks, systems and/or applications using active and passive methods. We check for incorrect configurations of systems and services, installed versions of applications and patches, as well as insecure application design. Automated testing identifies vulnerabilities and malware in the infrastructure, indicating how and how easily they can be exploited.

Reporting results

Cybersecurity assessments performed at runtime will be documented in a detailed report that includes tests performed, vulnerabilities discovered, and associated security risks, along with recommendations for remediation.

Information to facilitate remediation and retesting

At this stage, we provide support for understanding the identified issues and recommendations for reducing the risks associated with the discovered vulnerabilities. Every cyber security engagement carried out by our team ends with a retest to ensure that issues have been successfully resolved.

Why us?

The fundamental method

We have a very high quality standard of audit activity.

The Sectio Aurea audit team received praise and recommendations for the attention it showed in the audit missions


The team of auditors, led by the founder, is highly specialized in the effective operation of IT management and security in various organizations.
When we audit, we make it approved.

Maturity level

We have people with experience in the field, we understand the IT business and we understand the context.

We involve only experienced auditors.

The quality

Because we are very experienced and know how to actually enforce non-compliance with the requirements of the Law, a large part of the clients we audited chose us as consultants in the matter of implementing NIS requirements.

Our offer

The Sectio Aurea team consists of professionals with advanced technical capabilities and recognized certifications in the pentest field.
They have in-depth knowledge of Romanian or European legislation applicable to auditing and meet, or even exceed, the minimum legal requirements for accredited security audit service providers.

The strengths of our team

By choosing Sectio Aurea, you benefit from a dedicated and experienced team, prepared to ensure a high-quality security audit tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

We specialize in identifying vulnerabilities, reducing risks and creating security programs that provide the necessary conditions for the company's long-term development.

Sectio Area specialists have advanced expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis of existing/potential threats and vulnerabilities: We identify and assess both current and potential threats, ensuring proactive protection of the IT infrastructure.

  • Risk assessment and business impact: We carry out detailed risk assessments and analyze their impact on the business, offering tailored solutions to minimize risks.

  • Consulting to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information: We offer specialized consulting to protect data, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information.

  • Implementation of the necessary solutions for an optimal level of security: We develop and implement security solutions that ensure a healthy and sustainable business environment.

By collaborating with Sectio Aurea, your company benefits from customized solutions and a strategic approach to maintain an optimal level of security in the long term.


Fintech USA with an innovative business model, namely brokerage of financial services.

The tested system was one of very high complexity.
Sectio Aurea was selected due to the team's experience and the possibility to scale dynamically in emerging fields: Cloud & API Security.
The project required the involvement of 5 dedicated pentesters, who worked full-time for 4 months.


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