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About us

Sectio Aurea offers advanced services in the field of cyber security. Audit, consultancy, outsourced services and technological services, since 2018.

Our mission is simple: to democratize Cybersecurity in a flexible and competitive way. We serve a wide range of organizations from mid-sized businesses to corporates.

We rely on the deep experience of our team, involving only professionals who have been successful in complex and mature organizational environments. Integrity, consistency and relevance are our key values. The expertise and quality of our team ensure tangible benefits for our clients.

Sectio Aurea is a company certified by the National Cyber Security Directorate as Auditor General, according to Law no. 362/2018 (CLE series certificate no. 8020 of 23.03.2022).

We also have an integrated management system ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 in the management of quality, information security and environmental protection in our information technology consulting activities.

We democratize access to Cybersecurity talent in a flexible and competitive way.

Quality before everything.

We have an innovative business model, that of microservices, validated by satisfied customers.

Excellence in Cyber Security

Advanced services

Our services are a blend of precision, beauty and efficiency, reflecting the perfect balance and natural harmony of the φ number.

With us, you transform and secure your business with a touch of divine harmony.

Seniors in cybersecurity

We integrate flexible access to top experts (CIOs, CISOs, DPOs, solution architects).
Minimum 10 years of experience in complex organizational environments.

Innovative model

Through microservices, we ensure maximum added value at a fraction of the time and cost of employment.

You work with very experienced people, transform and secure your business. Harmonious


Phi (or φ from the ancient Greek alphabet), the Fibonacci number, the golden number, the divine proportion, the golden section (sectio aurea in Latin) is an essential number present in almost all fields of activity (mathematics, biology, design, architecture, biology etc.). Phi is the basis of everything natural, beautiful, well-proportioned.

Sectio Aurea (Latin for Golden Section), inspired by φ (Phi), translates the φ principle into Cybersecurity.

Here, technology meets art, efficiency meets beauty, and security meets innovation.

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Capabilities, team, partnerships

Sectio Aurea has an innovative business model, optimized over nearly 5 years, based on a pioneering concept – that of microservices.

The founder is accompanied by a carefully selected team of experts and recognized voices in the field (CISO, DPOs, CIOs, architects), with whom a healthy professional relationship has been forged through successfully completed projects. With their help, we have optimized an innovative delivery method (that of microservices in audit and consultancy).

These experts are dynamically involved in solving the challenges you face, ensuring personalized and high-quality solutions.


Currently, Sectio Aurea integrates the capabilities of 28 experts in cybersecurity and IT management.


Sectio Aurea provides and has references in various industries, including the financial-banking sector, NFIs, utilities, water distribution companies, IT providers, IT integrators, and assurance companies.


Our services are structured into two main categories (Assurance and Advisory), with a pronounced focus on providing advanced consultancy, especially in the form of skill augmentation or the complete takeover of a security management function.



  • NIS Directive Audit

  • Security Audit

  • Security Testing

  • Red Teaming

  • Cloud Security Audit



  • CISO on Demand

  • Consultancy for NIS Directive Implementation

  • DPO as a Service

  • CISO and SecOps Augmentation

  • Implementation of Cybersecurity Solutions


The Uniqueness of Sectio Aurea


Sectio Aurea is primarily an advanced consultancy company characterized by several differentiating aspects:

  1. High Seniority Level: The team has a very high level of seniority.

  2. Microservices Business Model: Just as Sectio Aurea proposes the outsourcing of capabilities, it also integrally outsources its own capabilities. The founder's ideal is not to hire at all, to maintain agility and operational efficiency.

  3. Focus on Advanced Services: As a result of the first two differentiators, we are able to focus solely on very advanced services, either by concentrating on emerging technologies or providing fine expertise on critical aspects of the client's business.

  4. Quality: This results in another differentiator for Sectio Aurea, which indeed reflects the final goal – Quality. Just as the name Sectio Aurea translates to the Golden Section, Phi (or φ from the ancient Greek alphabet), the Fibonacci number, the golden number, the divine proportion, we deliver quality, and our clients are very satisfied with the services provided.


In terms of partnerships, we have selectively partnered with some of the most dynamic or powerful technology providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro, and Qualys. We intend to expand our partnerships just as selectively.

Technology partners

We provide advanced consulting services for a selection of cybersecurity technological capabilities.

We expand our partnerships in a controlled manner depending on the technological evolution of the market, but also the demands of clients for advanced consulting.



The team consists exclusively of professionals with an average of over 10 years of experience, coming from complex and mature organizational environments.

With Sectio Aurea, you gain not only services, but trusted partners in cyber security.

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Auditor General Directiva NIS
seria CLE nr. 8020 din 23.03.2022

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Glorifi is a US fintech that applied an innovative business model, namely financial services brokerage.

The tested system was one of very high complexity.
Sectio Aurea was selected due to the team's experience and the possibility to scale dynamically in emerging fields: Cloud & API Security. 
The project required the involvement of 5 dedicated pentesters, who worked full-time for 4 months.   

software group

Software Group is a conglomerate of companies that provide worldwide digitization solutions, core banking and core insurance implementations. 

Sectio Aurea provided specialized consulting services in aligning the proposed solutions with the security requirements of their clients.  

NIS Directive Audit, EBA Guidelines, BNR Audit (REGIS, SAFIR), Transfond (SEND)
CISO as a Service - NIS Management Consulting