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Security audit

Detects non-compliance with the law and eliminates the risk of fines and security breaches.

Purpose of Red Team services

Red Teaming Services assesses how well your organization would react at each stage of a cyber attack, from recognition to exploitation.

You will gain extensive insight into the state of the attack surface and the effectiveness of your security techniques, processes and personnel.

The Red Teaming exercise tests the resilience of the attack surface, the effectiveness of threat detection techniques, the effectiveness of your response processes and the awareness of your personnel.

The Red Teaming exercise is a security test that requires the allocation of higher human and financial resources, compared to a penetration test. it requires much more time and the result is a known one. Your company will have a proven security breach.

The Red Teaming exercise is the closest simulation of a real, advanced attacker. After this test, you will identify the vulnerable areas of your company: people, processes, technologies, controls.

Our offer

Sectio Aurea applies a methodology to analyze systems or processes in order to reveal their weaknesses and identify the corresponding security needs.

The techniques used by the company in identifying and assessing vulnerabilities are based on current global security best practices.

Also, our experts will identify vulnerabilities, using information stored in databases such as CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration), CCE (Common Configuration Enumeration) and Bugtraq (SecurityFocus).

The general stages of a Red - Teaming exercise

Building a threat model is a 6-step activity:

  1. Knowledge of architecture and security specifications

  2. Identifying assets and roles

  3. Building a Defense Matrix

  4. Identifying threats that pose a danger to assets

  5. Identifying attacks that can lead to security threats

  6. Identifying the conditions that can lead to a successful attack.

Conducting the assessment

Attacks are performed as described in the action plan and vulnerabilities and variations are discovered.

Reporting results

Reporting the results consists of documenting for you the problems identified and presenting recommendations to mitigate the risks involved in the vulnerabilities. For each vulnerability encountered we will prepare an individual report documenting risk scenarios, severity, reproduction stages and remediation methods.

Our offer

The cyber security testing services delivered by Sectio Aurea include the following steps:

Planning and Goal Definition

  • Objective setting: Clearly defining the objectives of the test, what areas will be tested and what results are expected.

  • Team and Role Identification: Selecting red teaming team members and assigning specific roles.

  • Coordinating with the blue teaming team: Ensuring that the defense team is informed about the test and understands their role.

Gathering Information (Reconnaissance)

  • Passive Reconnaissance: Gathering information about the target using public sources without directly interacting with the target system.

  • Active Reconnaissance: Direct interactions with the target system to gather more detailed information such as port scans and checking for active services.

Exploitation of Vulnerabilities (Initial Access)

  • Vulnerability Identification: Using the information gathered to identify potential vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability Exploitation: Launching attacks to gain unauthorized access to the system.

Privilege Escalation

  • Vertical Escalation: Gaining higher levels of privileges in the system.

  • Horizontal escalation: Extending access to other systems or accounts without increasing the level of privileges.


  • Access Maintenance: Implementing means to retain access to the system even after the original vulnerability is fixed.

  • Backdoors and rootkits: Installing backdoors or rootkits to ensure persistence.

Exploration and Exfiltration Mission

  • Data review: Analyzing and accessing sensitive data.

  • Data Exfiltration: Transferring data to a system controlled by attackers without being detected.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Documenting the attack: Creating a detailed report that describes all actions taken, vulnerabilities exploited and data accessed.

  • Recommendations: Providing recommendations for improving security and fixing vulnerabilities.

Our offer

The audit services offered by Sectio Aurea bring multiple benefits to your organization, including:

Get validation of your security efforts

Test internal and external security controls, including protections around high-value systems

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and compromise vectors

A properly performed penetration test prioritizes security efforts around areas of high vulnerability.

Why us?

The fundamental method

We have a very high quality standard of audit activity.

The Sectio Aurea audit team received praise and recommendations for the attention it showed in the audit missions


The team of auditors, led by the founder, is highly specialized in the effective operation of IT management and security in various organizations.
When we audit, we make it approved.

Maturity level

We have people with experience in the field, we understand the IT business and we understand the context.

We involve only experienced auditors.

The quality

Because we are very experienced and know how to actually enforce non-compliance with the requirements of the Law, a large part of the clients we audited chose us as consultants in the matter of implementing NIS requirements.

Our offer

The Sectio Aurea team consists of professionals with advanced technical capabilities and recognized certifications in the pentest field.
They have in-depth knowledge of Romanian or European legislation applicable to auditing and meet, or even exceed, the minimum legal requirements for accredited security audit service providers.

The strengths of our team

By choosing Sectio Aurea, you benefit from a dedicated and experienced team, prepared to ensure a high-quality security audit tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

We specialize in identifying vulnerabilities, reducing risks and creating security programs that provide the necessary conditions for the company's long-term development.

Sectio Area specialists have advanced expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis of existing/potential threats and vulnerabilities: We identify and assess both current and potential threats, ensuring proactive protection of the IT infrastructure.

  • Risk assessment and business impact: We carry out detailed risk assessments and analyze their impact on the business, offering tailored solutions to minimize risks.

  • Consulting to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information: We offer specialized consulting to protect data, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information.

  • Implementation of the necessary solutions for an optimal level of security: We develop and implement security solutions that ensure a healthy and sustainable business environment.

By collaborating with Sectio Aurea, your company benefits from customized solutions and a strategic approach to maintain an optimal level of security in the long term.


Discover the key to success in cyber security with an exclusive one-to-one session with Mădălin Bratu, the innovative mind behind Sectio Aurea.

With a remarkable experience of 20 years in IT and an impressive career path, Mădălin is the elite consultant that any leader in the field wants by his side.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and secure your business in a personalized and efficient way.

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