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DPO on Demand

Build with us a dynamic and coherent system through which to manage your data protection.

It is more and more difficult in Cybersecurity to find people with experience in GRC as well as applied expertise .

Through DPO as a Service, we take over the responsibility of a DPO for companies whose priority is cyber protection and resilience.

DPO as a Service directly contributes to protecting confidential data, reducing risks and ensuring compliance with current regulations.

These services support organizations in the development, implementation and effective management of security systems and strategies.

They are adapted to the specific situation and needs of each organization.

Collaboration can be continuous, in the form of projects, or punctual, aiming to achieve specific business objectives.

An experienced team will help you to implement and maintain in your organization a system of policies, procedures and mechanisms for continuous security optimization.

In a flexible and effective work regime.

We provide risk assessments, develop policies and procedures, build and manage internal security teams, conduct operational security assessments and provide crisis counseling. Our experts deeply analyze your organization's security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and develop a strategic plan for long-term security optimization.

Benefit from our technical, organizational and coordination expertise to ensure a secure environment for your business.



Our service is designed to adapt and evolve with your organization's current goals and needs, allowing you to adjust your workload as needed.


We are not influenced by the internal politics of the client's organization, as well as by the interests of a technology implementer or producer.

Risk Management

We specialize in identifying and managing risks, ensuring robust protection against security threats.

Knowledge transfer

Our specialists share their knowledge and experience, ensuring your employees' increased awareness of security best practices at no additional training cost.

Through our services, we guarantee not only the protection of your data and infrastructure, but also a reliable partnership with transparent recommendations adapted to the specifics of your business.


Madalin Bratu, CISA, CISM, CRISC, is a professional with applied experience in providing outsourced CISO services in various business environments, from banking to various companies that provide essential services to human life.

Also, Madalin has applied experience in coordinating very complex programs of outsourced services at various companies of various sizes: from 10 years of experience at IBM Global Technology Services and the provision of integrated outsourcing and IT support services, to Atos / Eviden, the leader global cyber security services.

The service model

We bring top expertise to your fingertips through an innovative business model – that of microservices.

Microservices means that our team will assist you "on demand", integrated into Sectio Aurea, only for "high finesse" aspects. We will guide your team with advice tailored to your needs. Instead of burdening your budgets with expensive employees, we offer you flexible and integrated access to otherwise unaffordable elite specialists at a fraction of the cost.

The delivery method is a successful one, and we have many references from customers in Romania and abroad.

What are we doing?

Our services adopt a structured methodology to help you achieve your business goals with efficiency. This includes supporting IT services, ensuring that all compliance requirements are met and that risks are kept to an acceptable level. Through our approach, we ensure that security strategies are perfectly aligned with the goals and needs of your business, thus guaranteeing optimal protection and maximum efficiency.

  • We help you correct inconsistencies and non-conformities with the requirements of the Regulation or international best practices.

  • We will implement a Data Privacy Management System naturally integrated into the organization, with multiple business benefits.

  • We prepare you to demonstrate to the authorities that the legal obligation is actually implemented in the organization, according to internationally recognized standards and best practices.

We implement the entire system of processes, flows, specific documents and technical elements necessary to carry out the essential interactions with the data subjects, in the correct way (consent, information note, exercise of the rights of the data subjects).

Technical Audit

We carry out privacy impact analysis
We perform the detailed risk analysis on the IT system
We implement awareness mechanisms and applied employee training.

Scope of work of the service

DPO as a Service has several priority stages, as follows:

We identify personal data, processing activities, legal basis.
We identify legal, technical and procedural non-conformities.
We analyze the compliance of the online, offline environment
We perform detailed analysis of security risks.
We carry out privacy impact analysis.
We analyze the technical, organizational and legal implications.
We issue recommendations for complying with GDPR standards
We design an action plan for compliance


​We monitor compliance.
We establish appropriate control measures.
We consult you in the emergency recovery planning process.
We inform you and provide you with expertise regarding the obligation to comply with the provisions of the GDPR.
We monitor compliance with GDPR and relevant local laws and regulations.
We act as a single point of contact. for the supervisory authority and third parties and employees.


Discover the key to success in cyber security with an exclusive one-to-one session with Mădălin Bratu, the innovative mind behind Sectio Aurea.

With a remarkable experience of 20 years in IT and an impressive career path, Mădălin is the elite consultant that any leader in the field wants by his side.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and secure your business in a personalized and efficient way.

Plan your meeting with Mădălin Bratu now and unlock access to cyber security solutions at the highest level as well as a team of top tier cyber security experts

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