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Sectio Aurea Announces Strategic Partnership with IBM to Enhance Cybersecurity and AI Solutions

Bucharest, Romania – 03 January 2024

Sectio Aurea, is excited to announce a significant partnership with global technology leader IBM. This collaboration marks a strategic move to integrate IBM's advanced security and AI capabilities with Sectio Aurea's comprehensive service portfolio, particularly enhancing offerings in SOC augmentation and Incident Response (IR) Readiness but also to supplement with state of the art solution the existing NIS Directive Consulting contracts the company has in various industries.

"I am thrilled to partner with IBM, a company that also brings a wealth of expertise and advanced solutions to the table. IBM's security solutions, including Quadar SIEM, Randori for Attack Surface Management, Trusteer, IBM Verify, and IBM Guardium, seamlessly align with our services. They are exceptionally suited for our mature clients who require robust, scalable security infrastructure. Furthermore, IBM's Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings are a perfect match for smaller companies seeking top-tier security without the complexity of managing large-scale systems. This aspect of the partnership democratizes access to world-class security solutions for a broader range of businesses." Madalin Bratu, CEO.

In addition to security solutions, Sectio Aurea is excited about the potential of integrating IBM’s Data & AI portfolio into its services, particularly for the banking sector.

"IBM’s AI and data analytics capabilities are not just advanced; they are transformative. They provide a crucial edge for Romanian banks, especially in complying with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) regulations. This synergy will empower our banking clients to navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape more efficiently,"

This partnership stands as a testament to Sectio Aurea's commitment to delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions to its clients. By combining forces with IBM, Sectio Aurea is poised to redefine the standards of cybersecurity and AI-driven solutions in the region.

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