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Sectio Aurea Secures Strategic Partnership with Qualys for Technology Services Expansion

Sectio Aurea, an innovative company in cybersecurity consulting and audit services, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its service portfolio into the cybersecurity technology, specifically targeting the growing need for comprehensive vulnerability management solutions from its customers.

This strategic move is marked by a groundbreaking partnership with Qualys, a titan in the vulnerability management domain known for its innovative and risk-based solutions.

In response to increasing demand from our clientele for robust technology services, Sectio Aurea has ventured into a collaboration that promises to redefine vulnerability management through the adoption of Qualys' VMDR 2.0 platform.

Qualys' VMDR 2.0, enhanced with the TruRisk capability, represents the pinnacle of vulnerability management, detection, and response. This advanced solution leverages a mix of vulnerability data, external threat intelligence, and comprehensive internal telemetry sources—including SSL certificates, CMDB data, cloud configurations, and identity information—to pinpoint vulnerabilities with unprecedented accuracy.

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the selection of Qualys over nearly 48 vendors, a decision driven by its unparalleled technological innovations and the endorsement of leading market analysts such as Gigaom, Gartner, and Forrester.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art services to our clients, ensuring their operations are secure and resilient against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. As Sectio Aurea embarks on this exciting journey into technology services, we are poised to deliver unmatched value to our clients, reinforcing their trust in us as we expand our horizons. This partnership with Qualys is not just a step towards diversification; it is a leap into the future of vulnerability management, promising our clients a safer, more secure operational environment."

- Madalin Bratu, General Director Sectio Aurea.

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