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Why Top Professionals sees Sectio Aurea as their ultimate boot-camp.

I'm often asked why high-caliber professionals like managers, architects, and industry leaders get involved in Sectio Aurea.

It's not only about the money! I say.

The individuals I collaborate with are highly sought after, hold stable high-ranking positions, manage teams, and handle substantial budgets.

They are solution architects, DPOs, CISOs, and CIOs.

So, if it's not for the money, why do these professionals engage in consultancy, auditing, or solution architecture projects? The answer is multifaceted.

1. The Pursuit of Perfection as a Pitcher.

In a multinational environment, GRC is operated and presented a very specialized language. People understand easily what you say in your corporate English no one understands from outside. it's very easy to sell, operate. comfortable life full of corporate politics.

In the domestic Romanian business environment, the audience is completely different and more challenging. Hard to sell to. Hard to operate. hard to convince to make it right.

Take, for example, Security Management.

For a multinational CISO, GRC is a dynamic, controlled system within the organization. This perspective needs to be translated and explained to a private company manager facing significant, tangible business problems rather than the abstract threat of security breaches or fines.

Convincing a business owner to pay premium consulting fees in something unfamiliar, potentially unpleasant, and perceived as a one-time, low-cost necessity is incredibly challenging.

This is especially true for business owners who scrutinize every expenditure, as it directly impacts their personal finances, unlike in large organizations. The stakes are high: a bad investment for a corporate manager might mean a career setback, but for a business owner, it could jeopardize their family's livelihood.

In the specific case of the NIS Directive, explaining the necessity and importance of real security investment is infinitely more challenging than in the organizations my colleagues come from. But the rewards are infinite.

My own applied experience.

Winning and moreover, delivering a consulting contract in this market is something very very difficult.

Thus, i see (and others too) Sectio Aurea as an ultimate boot-camp, significantly improving the skills in dealing with CXO triad.

2. The Call for Training and Breaking Monotony: Having spent a decade at IBM, I've seen how innovation dies in monotonous, repetitive conference calls with fixed agendas and known issues.

For many executives, engaging in different activities is a welcome escape from routine.

3. The Opportunity for Practical Learning and Career Advancement: Members of Phi seek to learn new things, not through dry courses, but by participating and observing how a consultancy project unfolds. In Sectio Aurea, anyone can switch roles between teacher and student.

4. Financial Benefits.

Many professionals I work with, have priorities that even a multinational salary can't cover. Do you want your child in a private school, or to attend a top university abroad? Dream of retiring to a Greek island in 15 years, living a happy life without a 9-to-5 job? Want all-inclusive health insurance? Step out of your comfort zone and get to work! You can earn an additional 20, 30k with Madalin Bratu, or even more!

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