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Madalin Bratu joins the NIS 2 Directive Panel at the CIO Council Cybersecurity Forum and Sectio Aurea supports as partner this distinguished event.

We are excited to announce that Madalin Bratu will be a panellist at the upcoming CIO Council Cybersecurity Forum, which focuses on the theme “Cybersecurity in the Age of AI.” Madalin will share his insights on the panel discussing the NIS2 Directive Compliance — exploring topics on maintaining long-term compliance, managing third-party and supply chain risks, and strategizing for optimal cybersecurity measures under NIS2.

Madalin has applied knowledge and expertise on how companies can achieve real value from information security management systems implementation in diverse companies, as assessor and consultant.

Join us to gain from Madalin’s expert insights into navigating the evolving landscape of cybersecurity compliance and strategy.

For more information and to register for the forum, please visit CIO Council Cybersecurity Forum - May 2024 (

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