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Sectio Aurea: Your Gateway to Integrated Digital Operations Management

Step into the forefront of digital compliance and cybersecurity innovation! Sectio Aurea is excited to invite you to our early adoption program, featuring a pioneering platform tailored for the efficient implementation of the NIS Directive in essential service operations.

Why You Can't Miss This Early Adoption Program:

  • Be a Trendsetter: Get first-hand experience with a platform that merges Sectio Aurea's practical consultancy expertise with our specialists' deep knowledge in established environments.

  • Comprehensive Digital Toolkit: Our platform delivers an all-in-one integrated management system, focusing on policies, procedures, and instructions, especially designed for NIS-specific sectors like Governance, Protection, Cyber Defense, and Resilience.

  • Outsourcing for Enhanced Security: New! Opt for our outsourcing services for your security operations, relevant to both the platform and your IT environment, including the OSE NIS infrastructure. Entrust your cybersecurity to our experts.

  • Economies of Scale for SMBs: New! Specifically designed for small and medium business OSEs, our platform offers economies of scale, making top-tier cybersecurity accessible and affordable. Benefit from high-level protection without the high costs.

  • Advanced Open Source Solutions: Leverage a comprehensive suite of open-source tools that not only ensure legal compliance through digitization of essential operations but also provide a complete technical stack for compliance needs (SIEM, vulnerability management, IT/OT intrusion detection, identity governance).

  • Directly Influence Development: Your input as an early adopter is crucial in fine-tuning this trailblazing platform, created to meet the unique challenges faced by Romanian organizations in various sectors.

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